Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosmarinus Officinalis

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Gastrointestinal system - Nervous system - Cardiovascular System

The essential oil is obtained by the distillation of the flowering plant!



Significantly refreshing, sharply cooling with mint flavour!


1,8-cineol, borneol, camphene, camphor, linalool


It stimulates nervous activity, encourages, reduces migraine; acts analgesic, helps in the treatment of sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory infections; fights colds and flu, atherosclerosis, cystitis, nervous exhaustion and disease from stress, colic, dyspepsia, stomach hyperacidity; boosts the immune system. It promotes sweating, reduces muscular pain and cramps, mildly increases blood pressure. Similarly, it slows down fat deposition in blood vessels and protects against myocardial heart attack and stroke. Relieves chest pain in people with heart diseases; strengthens memory and the ability to concentrate.


Ideal for all types of skin, especially for the treatment of mixed ad oily! Reduces excess formation of grease, prevents inflammation, formation of acne and eczema, soothes redness, reduce swelling. Improves blood circulation and returns a youthful appearance of the skin affected by cellulite. Positively affects the hair and returns its natural shine and healthy look. Promotes growth and fights hair loss, greying and dandruff.


External use only. Do not use during pregnancy, lactation, in children less than two years old, in epilepsy and high blood pressure. Do not massage directly on varicose veins in a concentrated amount.  


Rosemary bath is an excellent booster! Perfectly combines with essential oils of Sandal wood, Cedar wood, Geran, Mandarin, Nerol, Peppermint, Lavender, Pink Palm, Eucalyptus, tea tree oil and Bergamot.


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