TOKAR Handmade Creations - Eco Candle N.101
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TOKAR Handmade Creations - Eco Candle N.101

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The unique collection of craft candles with a deep heart represents tradition, timelessness, ecology and sophistication in a unique combination. The elegant glass container in a mysterious green-brown version is filled with an aromatherapy mixture of real beeswax and complemented by a double wooden wick. Thanks to the added mineral pearlescent pigments, the candle creates a breathtaking harmony of embodied fantasy when heated. Liberating fragrant compositions elevate elaborate and complicated fragrant essences, which bring unusualness to everyday life and inevitably affect the mind, body and soul.

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Ritual of inner joy

The essence of Inner Joy is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai to support the encouragement of the mind to joy and to enhance the feeling of a better life on Earth. The Japanese firmly believe in a longer, calmer and, above all, better life, thanks to a theory that leads a person to devotion to performing meaningful activities that fill them and make them happier. The fragrant composition develops with green tones of grass, tangerine, spicy black currant and wild rosehip, which immediately leads a person to think about the beauties of life and lead to his aura of humility and modesty to admire her gifts. Delicate floral tones of peony, lily of the valley and violet with a pinch of jasmine and hot raspberry, which ground the powdered sacred lotus and mother's sip, immediately appear on the scene. The composition becomes drifting and penetrating to the heart thanks to the scent of cedar wood, pure ladan, sensual vanilla and caramel with musk undertones of the spotted witch. Let's find our Ikigai!


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