Happiness - Handmade Soy Candle
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Happiness - Handmade Soy Candle

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Hand-cast eco candle with wooden wick.

> natural, hand-poured soy wax scented candle with wooden wick in a practical and ecological glass container
> eco-certified soy wax from controlled agriculture represents a natural alternative more acceptable for human health and the environment
> organic essential oils, also provided with an eco-certificate, provide a gradually releasing scent and enliven the interior atmosphere with aromatherapy effects
> carefully selected fragrant compositions will take care of improving mood, raising the mind, relieving stress or calming and relaxing after a busy day
> vegan soy candle is one of the most popular products created just to make you or your loved ones happy :)

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Get rid of stress, raise your mind, treat yourself to happy moments, wherever you are! Candles have accompanied us since time immemorial, they bring us precious moments and their warm atmosphere can get our minds right away. Magical moments or rare memories that emerge in the mind when looking at the burning flame are a balm for the soul even on the most demanding day.

> soy wax – unlike paraffin, it burns more slowly and at the same time does not release toxic substances into the air, thus representing its ideal ecological and vegan alternative
> composition of organic essential oils – equipped with eco-certificates, it is gradually released into the air during combustion, thanks to which the experience of the candle and its completion is as intense and pleasant as during the first ignition.

125ml, burning time approx. 35h (data comes from the measurement of continuous burning at normal room temperature)

For optimal durability, enjoy well-being with each use at least until the continuous top layer of wax melts.
You can continuously shorten the length of the wick as needed. The longer the candle burns, the longer the wick, the greater the flame and the chance that the candle will smoke.
For your safety, we recommend purchasing a useful item in the form of a wick trimmer. However, do not cut the wick with a short ignition, as the smaller flame will not have time to melt the wax to the edge of the candle and a depression may form up to the tunnel.

The soy candle is an ideal accessory that fits into any interior, it combines perfectly with other fragrant variants, but we recommend that you indulge in "loneliness", uniqueness and peace when it burns, so that it can fully develop its charm :)

Letters hiding well-being, a mosaic of small joys in the intoxication of a magical fruity-floral scent. Conjure on your lips with the smile you give the world. Pleasantly sweet fruity-floral scent hiding fresh tropical citrus tones and tones of delicate flowers. The top notes are the fruits of lemon, Sicilian oranges and hot grapefruits, which are softened by the essence of roses, noble jasmine and peach. Balance and depth are enhanced by musk the base of the spotted witch.

The product has a slightly pinkish color.

The product is packed in an ecological glass container. After burning, please also think about your environment and do not throw away the glass container. Just wash it and you can reuse it in various other ways.

Before lighting, place the candle in a suitable place that has a sufficiently heat-resistant surface, is protected from drafts and far enough away from easily inflammable objects.
The first ignition of the candle must take at least 10 - 15 seconds, sometimes even more, for the wick to burn properly and shorten to the correct length (approximately 3-5 mm). However, after lighting, do not let the candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Make sure that the melted wax does not contain impurities, e.g. match headers. For safety reasons, do not burn the candle completely. Turn it off when approx. 10mm wax.
Keep out of reach of children. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water.


Sviečka Šťastie

Najkrajšia vôňa sviečky akú som kedy mala. Táto vôňa dokáže zlepšiť deň. Krásne a dlho vydrží voňať. Príjemne ju cítiť aj vo veľkých miestnostiach. Výborná, výborná, výborná.



Neskutočne krásna vôňa sviežeho ovocia a kvetín


Úžasná vôňa

Sviečka z prírodného sójového vosku s úžasnou vôňou. Má nádherný obal a je zdravá pre ovzdušie aj naše dýchacie cesty. Zvyknem ju zapáliť najmä, keď máme návštevu a každý si vždy všimne a chváli túto krásnu vôňu. Proste nádhera


Data sheet

125 ml

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