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Soap-nuts are the fruits of the tree Sapindus Mukurossi – originated in India. It grows up to a height of 15m. Soap nuts have a buff colour; after collecting, they are dried in the sun; maintain a slightly sticky consistency. The kernels are worthless; for washing, only the shells are used, containing valuable natural saponin. While washing, a number of half-nuts are put into the cotton-bag – part of each package. The pouch is inserted between the laundry in the washing machine. During washing, saponin is released from the nut-shells – effectively cleaning and disinfecting your clothes! Saponin is not aggressive as other conventional washing powders; suitable/ideal for allergy suffers and small children! After washing, the nuts have a neutral fragrance. Ideal for septic tank!

Soap-nut is excellent for all washing temperatures (30 ° - 90 ° C; for wool and silk).Terry towels will become fluffy-like, even without fabric softeners. The nut is ideal for normally dirty linen (especially coloured); protects the paint. On white linen and with stains, you need to add a tablespoon of salt directly onto the stain!

About 0.5kg of soap-nut will last for a family of 4, using it 2 to 3 times a week for approximately 6 months. We recommend it for NATURAL and ORGANIC washing! They are friendlier to the colours and clothes; clothes retain their colour for much-much longer!

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