MINI Royal Serum - Mature Skin
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MINI Royal Serum - Mature Skin

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Avocado, Argan and Rice Oil, sweet Almond oil with oil macerates from Arabica Coffee grains and Chinese tea leaves, cocktail of essential oils in contact with the skin deep-moisturize, regenerate and revitalize it! The serum regulates skin tone, gently tightens and smoothes it, while selected oils prevent it from re-drying, keeping it supple. Extracts from Coffee beans and leaves of Black Tea give the skin an extra dose of natural caffeine, energize and stimulate it. Essential oils form Lavender, Damask rose, Frankincense and Nutmeg restore lost elasticity, correct texture and smooth. The skin becomes smoother and visibly brighter.


Serum produced from organic oils of highest quality, in combination with selected essential oils provide the adequate nutritioning and regenerate the skin perfectly! ReplacesDay&Night creams! Light, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly after application, effectively eliminates unhealthy skin symptoms, fights against aging, protect the environment from pollution and harmful UV radiation.

Silicone, synthetic dye, petroleum, parabene derivative, animal ingredient and dye free!


With your fingers, apply an adequate amount of serum on your pre-cleaned forehead, cheeks and chin (you can also treat the neck and cleavage). With gentle circular motions start massage at the edges of the nose and follow through the cheeks up to the ears. Continue along both sides of the chin and the jaw. Finally, go through the left side of your chin to the neck and chest area. Ideal for everyday use!   Pack dispenser is used for accurate dosing! Store the product at temperatures up to + 25 ° C and keep out of direct sunlight!  


This Royal serum is a perfect replacement of the underlying base under make-up. Subsequently, liquid make-up rubs well and absorbs perfectly into the skin.

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4 ml

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