Niacinamid, 100%
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Niacinamid, 100%

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The active substance known as vitamin B3 is suitable for use alone or as an additive in popular water-based skin products to increase their effectiveness.

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Active substance:
> suitable for all skin types, but especially for problematic one
> helps fight acne and beauty bugs, rosacea, redness and irritation, relieves inflammation and hyperpigmentation
> strengthens the skin's natural barrier
> prevents moisture loss
> revitalizes skin texture and tone
> improves its flexibility
> has a mild effect regulating sebum production

Content: 30ml

Consistency and texture:
Finely ground powder which mixes well into cleaning and moisturizing products.

Appearance and smell:
Water-free, odorless, white powder.

Application and recommendations:
Mix the appropriate amount (pinch) in the palm of your hand with a drop of water and apply to cleansed skin with your fingers / applicator. Work with a knocking motion and allow to fully absorb. Use as needed or at most once a day. Then apply your day cream or Velvetly Calming Night Cream in the evening. You can also mix the active substance in an appropriate amount (pinch) into your day cream or Velvetly Calming Night Cream in the palm of your hand before use and apply it as recommended. Do not combine with products containing vitamin C (Luminous anti-Pollution Moisturizer - Day Cream) or acids such as AHA, BHA or PHA (Glowing Enzymatic Peel-Mask), which may affect its absorption. If you want to use products of both types, use Niacinamide during your morning beauty routine.



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