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Magical herbs - Massage oil


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Massage oil derived from a combination of the finest organic oils, oil macerates and essential oils:

Eucalyptus is one of the most effective of all oils for all respiratory problems, helps to heal wounds, promotes concentration and fights against migraine. It has antibacterial, soothing, healing and invigorating properties. It is ideal for colds, relieves pain in the neck, fights sinusitis and helps wounds to heal.
Rosemary positively stimulates nerve activity, helps in states of fatigue and migraine, wards off anxiety. It also acts as an analgesic, reduces muscle pain, promotes sweating and increases blood pressure. Encourages and reinforces a positive effect on stiff and strained muscles, fungal diseases.
• White Birch is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It alleviates symptoms of osteoporosis, muscle, tendon and joint pain, accelerates healing and tissue regeneration. 
Tussilago treats respiratory diseases and helps the metabolism.
Stinging Nettle is effective against respiratory diseases, against stomach and intestines diseases, promotes red blood cell production. It cleans the blood and treats urinary tract infections, rheumatics, muscle and joint pain, metabolic disorders, gallbladder diseases, liver and stomach problems.
Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain and calms. Is miraculously effective at rheumatism, lower back slashes, difficulty during pregnancy and intestinal disorders. You can test its strength during fever, skin tumors, boils and difficultly healing rashes.
Horsetail is excellent during urinary tract diseases, tuberculosis, calcification of the arteries, haemorrhoids, women´s diseases and skin related conditions.
White Nettle is effective during respiratory diseases, during menstruation, haemorrhoids, positively affects the central nervous system and promotes metabolism function. 
Burdock helps to heal even poorly healing wounds, is an excellent dermatologic. It demonstrated all its unique properties in the treatment of eczema.


Harmonizing effect of selected organic oils help restore the lost balance of the body and soul! By combining highest quality oils such as jojoba, sesame, olive and sunflower deep skin hydration and regeneration is achieved, while sweet almond oil and grape seed soften it. Added essential oils positively affect the senses, bring the required release, refresh and strengthen. Inhalation affects the quality of emotions, the activity of the limbic system, which controls the main functions of the body, while the aromatherapy treatment enhances the physical and psychological well-being.

Sulphate, parabene, glycol, animal fat and oil derivate free.


Apply the appropriate amount on the skin with circular motions.


The product combines well with the product line Grandmother´s Garden, Deep Breath and Melissa lemonade.

Zloženie: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil*, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Betula Pendula Leaf Extract*, Tussilago Farfara*, Urtica Dioica Extract*, Matricaria Chamomilla Flower Extract*, Equisetum Arvense*, Lamium Album*, Arctium Tomentosum*

*certified organic ingredient

100% organic product

Size: 150ml
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Magický olej

Má nádhernú bylinkovú vôňu. Osobne ho používam vždy po kúpaní namiesto telového krému.

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Magical herbs - Massage oil

Magical herbs - Massage oil

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Inšpirované prírodou...vyrobené s láskou! Naše produkty sú výsledkom každodennej podstivej ručnej práce, ktorú s radosťou vykonávajú členovia tímu Soaphoria. V každom kuse výrobku je zapracované naše odhodlanie a nadšenie, tiež ako aj v dizajne interiéru v značkových predajniach máte možnosť pocítiť snahu, oddanosť a lásku, s ktorou boli vytvorené pre milovníkov prírody a darov, ktoré nám ponúka.

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