Peppermint - Hydrolat
  • Mäta pieporná - organická kvetová voda

Peppermint - Hydrolat

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The hydrolith from Mint, with its characteristic fresh fragrance/aroma, revives dull skin, tones and shrinks pores! It is particularly ideal for mixed up to oily skin. It relieves itching, soothes and brightens tired skin. Mint has a more pungent fragrance from other varieties and has an immediate cooling effect after application! Ideally serves as an active deodorant agent, mouthwash and toothpaste.

The hydrolith is ideal:

  • all types of skin
  • for supporting and stimulating blood circulation in the skin
  • to refresh, revive and soothe
  • for toning and tightening
  • for heavy legs and oral hygiene
  • for the treatment of dermal eczema and redness of the skin
  • after shaving and depilation

  PH: 5.0 – 6.0


It is produced as a by-product – however, a very high-quality product, in the process of steam distillation of plant material and essential oils! It is characterized by its excellent quality and extremely high content of bioactive substances. Has a much more subtle effect than essential oils, therefore needs not to be further diluted! On the surface of the skin it creates an active and moisturizing protective film/layer with softening, soothing and healing effects. Hydroliths are ideal for all types of skin including damaged, irritated, sensitive, sunburnt, dry (due to environmental influences), up to sensitive skin! Represents a pure product of nature! Alcohol, preservative, synthetic fragrance and dye free!


  • Supports natural pH of the skin
  • Keeps the skin resistant to external influences
  • Has therapeutic effects/properties
  • Soothes, refreshes, moisturizes and softens
  • antiseptic



Apply an adequate amount on a cosmetic sponge and in circular motions purge the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, or after adding to powder mask, create a smooth paste for face treatment. Also ideal for the treatment of the scalp and hair crown! After adding an appropriate amount of hydrolith (about two tablespoons) in water at 35-39 ° C, prepare a beneficial bath. The hydrolith can also be applied as a compress/cladding, and in the form of dispersion over-fragrance the laundry and atmosphere of the interior. Store the product at temperatures up to +25 ° C and keep out of direct sunlight.  


After cleaning the face with the hydrolith onto still wet skin, apply your favourite skin oil or royal serum and gently massage, with knocking finger movements. In this way, you will hydrate the skin and enhance its microcirculation. 

Ingredients: Mentha Piperita Leaf Water *

*certified organic compound

Country of origin: France

Contraindications: Only for external use. 

100% organic product

Size: 50ml

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50 ml

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