Mentha Piperita

Mentha Piperita

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Antiseptic - Nervous system – Antidepressant

The essential oil is obtained by the distillation of the whole plant!



Significantly refreshing, sharply cooling with mint flavour.



Menthol, limonene, neo-menthol, Menton, methyl acetate, piperitone, cineol 



It has antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic and pain inhibiting effects; effectively eliminates mental fatigue and stress; increases attention and the ability to concentrate! Supports memory and learning; delivers a positive detachment and reduces feelings of depression. Similarly, relieves from headaches and migraines; improves blood supply into the organs, thus improving their functioning! Fights digestive upset, heartburn; improves digestion and appetite; reduces nausea and excessive flatulence; relieves spasms of the gastrointestinal tract that cause abdominal pain! Strengthen the respiratory system - in this case, it is very useful/helpful, treating inflammation, particularly of the lungs, bronchial tubes and sinuses. It helps to cough up accumulated mucus and effectively eliminate dry cough; its positive effects are also prevalent during asthma treatment. Recommended for everybody, who suffers from joint and muscle pain, since oil can suppress these pains. It relieves pain during menstruation. Has a repellent-like effect.


It has cooling and soothing effects - refreshes, tones and deodorizes; ideal with burns and sunburns! Similarly, it relieves redness and itching during various inflammations and infections of the skin; ideal for tired skin! Cleanses and removes impurities as well as acne; ideal for the production of a refreshing facial toner and massage oil, for sauna infusions. Massage oils containing essential oils relaxe smooth muscles and inhibit joint pain.


Do not use in the first trimester of pregnancy, among young children and during breastfeeding. Reduces breast milk production! May reduce the efficacy of homeopathic! At high doses can cause insomnia. For the treatment of skin problems, use a small concentration. May cause skin irritation! Do not apply on damaged or chapped skin.


Ideal as part of inhalation mixtures for colds and in saunas! It perfectly combines with rosemary, camphor, lemon and ginger oil.


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