DobroDruh - regeneration cream
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DobroDruh - regeneration cream

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Green gold, beauty elixir! Olive oil is one of the most valuable and famous natural oils used in the beauty industry. Extra virgin cold-pressed Olive oil is a rich source of many valuable substances. The more valuable an oil, the greater the content of the so-called secondary plant active compounds (phenols), which are responsible for its special medicinal properties. For dermatology, Oleuropein is of particular importance, as it is only found in Olive oil and leaves. It contains health-promoting unsaturated fatty acids (about 60-80%), vitamins A, D, E and K.

The product line Olive tree is excellent for all types of skin, especially for sensitive and children skin. It beautifully moisturizes and nourishes the skin thanks to its valuable vitamin content.


An all-purpose universal balm made of extra virgin olive oil in combination with beeswax help to rehydrate and regenerate even the harshest and driest skin. Beeswax and extra virgin olive oil have perfect nourishing and protective effects. The balm is suitable for dry harsh areas and also for full body massage. It helps with healing of bruises, scars, wounds, eczema and herpes.


Apply an appropriate amount of product on dry places of the body such as elbows, feet, palms or lips. Ideal for the entire body and daily use!


Most effective skin hydration achieved if used immediately on wet skin after shower/bath.

Ingredients: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Cera Alba*

*certificated organic ingredient

100% organic product

Size: 125ml

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Data sheet

75 ml


vyborny kremik, velmi dlho som hladala taky co mi naozaj sadne a nebude zbytocne preparfumovany, tento splna vsetko co od kremu ocakavam a pomaha naozaj aj pri velmi suchej pokozke ci uz na rukach, alebo aj nohach ;)


Vyborny krem na cesty

Fantasticky krem na ruky, sem tam pouzivam aj na cele telo, napriklad ked som na cestach. Vona mi uplne vyhovuje, jemna prirodzena nevtierava. Skvele vyživuje a hydratuje pokožku. Poradil si aj s popraskanymi rukami. Našiel si stale miesto v mojej kabelke. Balenie je nadherne

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