Spicy orange - Organic body peeling
  • Korenistý pomaranč - organický soľný telový peeling

Spicy orange - Organic body peeling

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Spicy and hot, mysteriously earthy! An invigorative fragrance in combination with red Oranges, Cinnamon and Ginger bring a warm feeling of joy and happiness. Red orange has strong antiseptic properties, refreshes and helps in overcoming anxiety and depression. It promotes the flow of blocked energy, releases tension and drives away sadness and melancholy. Its pleasant unobtrusive fruity fragrance becomes your euphoric agent. Cinnamon and its antibacterial properties clean the skin from bacteria, help in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, lichen, acne and other skin infections. Do not forget about Ginger Root, which is a great stimulator of blood circulation and creates a feeling of heat.

The product line Spicy orange is excellent for all types of skin.


Grained salt full-body peeling based on oils and butters of organic origin, ideal for all types of skin! Deep-cleans the skin, gently removes dead skin cells from its surface, thereby leaving it clean, naturally renewed and radiant. Added essential oils help according to their healing properties. They fight fatigue, stimulate the body, soothe nerves and relax. Organic oils and butters are known for their emollient and moisturizing properties - exactly what stressed, dry skin appreciate!

Chemical, preservative and animal fat free.


  • In a shower: massage the product into your skin by circular movements, especially on dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees. After exfoliation a non-filmy oil film remains, therefore it is not necessary to use a moisturizer.
  • In a bath: Add an appropriate amount of product into the water and after dissolution, oil-salty bath for an amazing relax is prepared. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week!

    Do not use on irritated skin, wounds and unhealed wounds.

    Store out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place up to 25°.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride*, Potassium Iodate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*Citrus Sinensis Peel Extract*, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Oil*, Zingiber Officinalis Root Oil*, Iron Oxide

*certified organic compound

100% organic product

Size: 255ml

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Data sheet

255 ml


Zo Soaphorie používam viac produktov, no rovnako ako Monika som mala alergickú reakciu hneď po prvom použití. Mamina ho ale použila takmer celý a je s ním spokojná. Pre citlivú pokožku je asi škorica a ďumbier príliš dráždivý. Každopádne kávový alebo peeling mliečne potešenie znášam dobre a odporúčam.



Krásna vôňa aj konzistencia,no bohužial po prvom použití sa u mňa prejavía alergia z čoho som sklamaná. No aj napriek tomu odporúčam,mamka si ho pochvaľuje :)



Síce sa začína už jar, ale tento píling ma svojou škoricovo-pomarančovou vôňou preniesol do zimnej atmosféry, krásne prebúdza zmysly, zahrieva a pokožka je po ňom ako zo zamatu. Hladučká, s jemným nemastným olejovým filtrom. Jednoznačne odporúčam.

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Som nad mieru spokojna s tymto peelingom! Nadhera.. nielen kvoli ohromnej voni ale i uzastnemu baleniu.

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